Now introducing our Luxury Home Inspection Service.

Unparalleled service that focuses on detail and care. Our luxury brand of inspections  caters to those properties that require a true white glove service. 


High Detail Inspection

The benefit of a CR Pro inspection is attention to detail. With our luxury inspections we take it one step further. We lengthen our inspection time to ensure greater detail and provide a team of inspectors to cover your home. 

Travel Coverage

Our customers come from all over and should get the best inspection service regardless of where their home is. Our luxury inspections include full travel coverage anywhere in the state of Florida.

FULL inspection benefits

Our luxury inspection automatically include our additional services:

- White glove treatment

- Thermal Imaging

- Drone Imaging

- Mold Testing

- Sewer Cam

- Chinese Drywall

- Pool Inspection

Post Inspection

Your home should get the white glove treatment even after our team has left. Our luxury inspection include an air conditioning, pool, and pressure cleaning voucher that can be redeemed within six months of your inspection.

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