What is it?: What is a home inspection

Updated: May 21

The answer may be obvious to some, but the majority of home buyers have never heard of one.

Even pretty rooms can hold dark and costly secrets

Do I have to get a home inspection?

We can only speak on behalf of our South Florida/ Miami real estate market and it goes without saying:

“Never buy a house without having it inspected... Yes, even a brand new one”


By Definition, a home inspection is a non invasive search of all visible components of a house. Home inspectors are not permitted to cause any damage to a home so we do not pull up flooring or poke holes in walls (MANY clients ask if we can do this.) Even though it sounds like we are not very hands on, it is safe to say that we cover roughly 90-95% of a home's major facets. One question that we get asked quite often is what benefits come from having your future home inspected. Well, you wouldn't buy a used car without having some assurances, and certainly this is no different. Aside from knowing if there are any sneaky surprises that can manifest themselves in costly repair bills, a home inspection serves as great negotiating tool. It is important to note that most home inspectors focus on the major components in a home : Roof, Electrical, Plumbing, AC, Structure/ Foundation, Appliances, and some in betweens. Cosmetics are not normally a priority among inspectors but rest assured that CR Pro Inspectors are trained to be obsessive compulsive and go the extra mile.

Back to the basics:

Note that most home inspections take about two hours or so. Be wary of anyone offering a proper inspection in an hour or less (this is a major purchase so take your time!) Most inspectors have a set fee between $300 and $500 for an inspection ( in South Florida) and cheaper is NEVER better. Talk to your inspector first and make sure to check reviews!

We at CR Pro strive for excellence and work to ensure the best home inspection experience, hands down. Give us a call and let us help put you into a new home!

All of our inspections come with a 5 year roof warranty and 90 day appliance, sewer, and mold protection!

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