What is a Wind Mitigation and Four Point?

Updated: Jun 1

In South Florida, home insurance is a must. Between hurricanes, tropical storms, and other acts of nature there is no question that homes are exposed to risk. Insurance companies provide policies based on key details of your home; typically this information is provided by inspectors through a wind mitigation and four point report. Whats the difference? As the name dictates, a wind mitigation regards the protections in a home that mitigate the impact of hurricane force winds. A four point report covers the four main areas of a home: roof, electrical, AC, plumbing. With this information your insurance provider can decide how much coverage a home needs and how big a risk it will be in regards to filing paying out claims!

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When it comes to insurance, the name of the game is CREDITS. Our Miami clients know all too well that money saving comes in the form of credits. If your home is in good shape and has the necessary protections, you will receive maximum deductions on your insurance policy.

Wind mitigations typically include roof condition, glazed protections (windows or any exterior component with glass), garage doors, and attic items. Not every house is the same nor is it as simple as saying yes your house is protected or it's not. Your home may have certain factors that are considered "impact rated" and some that aren't. Some shutter panels may no longer be up to hurricane standard or windows that appear to be impact rated but are not. This is where the home inspector has to do some investigative work to make the determination. The next big ticket item is what we refer to as "strapping or ties." Your roofing system is generally floating from the overall structure of your home. It is "tied" down by thing metal connectors called straps and or clips. Depending on the year of your home you may have one or the other and each represents a possible credit towards your insurance policy.

Four Point Inspections are general condition reports for your roof, electrical, AC, and plumbing systems. Your CR Pro Home Inspector will check to make sure all these items are in good/ safe working condition while gathering key information needed for your report. What key information? Insurance companies mostly want to know how old everything is, when it may need to be replaced, and whether everything is working as it should. They wouldn't want to have to cut you a check on repairing a whole house now would they? This is why the four point is crucial.

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A wind mitigation and four point can normally be completed in an hour and have a life span of a few years. Your insurance agent may require you to have these inspections done whenever they expire or if any major repair work has been done to the home. They are relatively easy to complete and should not cause any unnecessary stress to you the home owner! Please reach out to us if you have any questions!

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